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Team Staff

Fike , Josh Manager
  Keller, Mike Manager
  Young, Philip Manager 765-461-3526
  Hendrix, Brian Asst Coach 765-618-0946
  Fewell, Jake Coach 7657766196
  Long, Adam Asst Coach 3
  Wesner, Josh Asst Coach
Bridge Landscaping Spencer, Ryan Manager 765-618-5640
  Ingle, Mathias Asst Coach 574-721-3550

Garage Door Depot Melton, Tracy Head Coach 765-860-2149
  Barrett, Richard Asst Coach 260-494-7446

Jerome Church Pence, Camery Manager 419-564-4384
  Evans, Lowell Asst. Coach 765-610-1258

Rabb Kinetico Bagley, Landon Manager 765-437-1531
  Lavengood, Mike Asst Coach 317-762-5636

Schlemmer Bros Willey, Amy Manager 765-860-3275
  Bedwell, Kyle Asst Coach 765-437-4118
  Gust, Joe Coach

Shrock's Dri Gas Newlin, Jacob Manager 765-730-8002
  Redmon, Andy Asst Coach 765-776-1922
Rookie League
CIE Shafer, Evan Manager 765-438-7488
  Day, Brian Coach
  Eagle, Josh Coach
  Geary, Jason Coach

Hochstedler Energy Systems Miller, Shane Manager 765.437.7716
  Duffit, Adam Coach 765-513-6014
  Boles, Brandon Coach
  Zook , Trent Coach

Holder Mattress Hullinger, Jeremy Manager 765-419-3852
  Shrock, Drew Coach
  Flanary, Shawn Coach
  Guardado, Gabe Coach
  Gomez, Eric Coach

Huston Electric Hilsinger, James Manager 765-398-0548
  Pundt, Chad Coach
  Foster, Kimberly Coach
  Foster, Dakota Coach
  Pundt, Chad Coach

Shamrock Storage Kretz, Shane Manager 765-507- 0768
  Kaiser , Reed Coach 765-437-8481
  Sheridan, Mike Coach
  Lavengood, Michael Coach
Minor League
On Site Services Robinson, BJ Manager 419-565-7563
  Hasting, Brian Coach 765-432-0580
  Echelbargher, Conde Coach 765-480-9065
  Young, Gary Coach 765-327-1404
  Hilsinger, James Coach 765-398-0548
  Hannah, Kraig Coach 765-432-8946
  Conner, Brad Coach 765-432-7103

Panda Vans Beachy, Troy Manager 765-210-1555
  Oman, Ryan Coach 765-438-6493
  Crow, Jeremy Coach 765-434-4419
  Kaiser, Reed Coach 765-437-8481
  Hullinger , Joe Coach 765-210-4717
  Mentis , Mike Coach 765-398-0560

Plevna Implement WRIGHT, RICHARD Manager 7655137614
  Ramer, Chad Coach 765-461-6242
  Budde, Doug Coach
  Shrock, Trent Coach

R Cox & Son's Construction Roush, Bryck Manager 7654323435
  Musgrave, Craig Coach
  Ewing, Joe Coach
  Snyder, Rick Coach
Major League
Be Gentle Dentistry Monize, Chad Manager 765-480-3085
  Combs, Keith Coach

Cornerstone Construction Edwards, Josh Manager 765-438-3984
  Cox, Joe Coach 765-432-8568
  Shafer, Evan Coach
  Kelley, Todd Coach
  Edwards, Henry Coach

Nolley's Fiberglass Morgan, Ryan Manager
  Mumaugh, Mickey Coach
  Adams, Kenny Coach
  Kochensparger, Jason Coach

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