Gray Pants Rule Clarification

Published by Thapos Admin
Jun 27, 2018

As you know, we have gray pants rule. This rule is in place for multiple reasons. As a league, we don't want to give the appearance that we favor one team over another. In the past, some teams would pay extra to upgrade their uniforms, specifically pants, shirts and fitted hats. As a Board, we decided to end that practice and standardize the uniforms so everyone would dress equal. Thus, this keeps the cost to parents down and you won't be pressured to upgrade and spend more money on uniforms. The Board's goal is to keep cost down and still provide a quality baseball experience for the players and their parents.

All-Stars factors into this decision as well. In the past, when different color pants were allowed, the All-Star Team would ultimately end up having several players, from different teams, that wore different style pants. When the All-Star season begins, the parents would have to buy another set of pants so their kid could play. While the league provides shirts and hats for the All-Star Teams we heard negative feedback from parents about buying new pants. Standardizing the pants eliminates the problem and the kids can wear the same pants for both the regular season and All-Star season.